Whatever Happened to Gas Works?

Archive tracks from John Brown & Mick Draper from their 1973 Album on Regal Zonophone... Apparently no longer available!

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John Brown's ChallengeThis site is dedicated to the appreciation of the much loved duo GASWORKS, formed by John Brown and Mike Draper in the late 60s, who gave so much pleasure to all who saw them. It began simply as a web outlet for the music of their 1973 album on Regal Zonophone but has since evolved to become a general archive of their wider music and memorabilia. Listen and enjoy!   Martin Stirrup, sitemaster  (martin@stirrup.free-online.co.uk)

You can now enjoy the album in full, including the classic chat that always linked the songs, by clicking  HERE...

1973 GASWORKS album  on Regal Zonophone

Bootleg GASWORKS - digitised versions of ancient radio tapes... I bet there are more out there! 

John Brown Songs - John's demos of some of his post-Gaswork songs

John Brown's Challenge - versions of John's songs by site members!

Gasworks Song Posters - Bob Workman's original artwork that graced so many student bedsit walls

Words with the Band - words from John and Mike, plus Bob Workman and Tony Lowe

NEW!  1973 LP Advert - Read the amazing quotes from the Melody Maker and David Bowie 

Gas Works Archive

If you have any GasWorks recordings / photgraphs / memorabilia contact me on


Does anyone have any of their original song posters hiding in their attic, for example? (As drawn by Bob Workman? Wasn't he also their manager?)

And hey John, Mick! If you come across this let me know what you think (especially if you want it instantly taken down.... but GasWorks were my favourite club act and should not be forgotten!)